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Improv Intensive

Jul 21, 2018
Improv Intensive

Sat. July 21, 12-5pm, Grades 6-12, $90
Instructors: Noah Bailey, Julie Bayer

Are you funny or have a knack for comedy? Ever wanted to be funny? In this one-day intensive, improv masters will teach you their tips and tricks for making the room laugh. Improvisation is for the imaginative; as it is a form of theater entirely based off of suggestions from the audience and ideas going on in your own head. Whether you’ve never stepped on a stage before, or are an improv-aficionado, this camp will rock your socks off! Through instruction and games, this improv intensive will cover the basic rules of improv, long and short forms, character creation, and object work.  Skills from this class will cross over into real life situations like presentations, auditions, and everyday social interactions.  Showcase for family & friends at end of workshop day.